Frequently-asked Questions

Do Certified Nurse-Midwives work with Doctors?
CNMs are independent practitioners but do work with one or more physicians and collaborate with them as may be needed. CNMs would collaborate with a physician when a client is in need of surgery or develops a medical condition that puts her pregnancy at increased risk. In certain situations such as insulin-dependent diabetes, or a persistent breech presentation where a cesarean delivery is required the client would actually be transferred to the physician for continued care. Most often, clients stay under the care of the midwife but the midwife may consult with an obstetrician-gynecologist or perinatologist regarding some aspect of additional testing or plan of care.

How are Certified Nurse-Midwives Trained?
Nurse-Midwives are licensed registered nurses who complete an additional graduate level program in midwifery through a university-based school of medicine, nursing or public health.
How is Nurse-Midwifery Education Accredited?
The American College of Nurse-Midwives Division of Accreditation accredits all nurse-midwifery and Certified Midwife programs in the U.S.

Graduates must pass the national certification examination administered by the ACNM Certification Council Inc. and maintain certification through yearly continuing education.
Where do CNMs Practice?
Certified Nurse Midwives practice in all 50 states and work in collaboration with obstetrician-gynecologist physicians.

In the United States, most midwives work through clinics and attend births in hospitals, birth centers or at home.

Women with complications in their pregnancy may also be cared for by nurse-midwives in consultation with an obstetrician who is a specialist in complications of pregnancy.

Do all Certified Nurse-Midwives offer home birth services?

Certified Nurse-Midwives, legally can attend home births, however it is an option not available in Tucson. The next best option of home birth is what you are looking for is the El Rio Birth and Women's Health Center.

What birthing options with Certified Nurse-Midwives are available in Tucson?
  • Birthing Rooms at Tucson Medical Center or Northwest Women's Center
  • Freestanding Birth Center: Birth and Women's Center (near TMC)
See List of CNM practices on this web site.

Where do I take Childbirth classes if I see a Certified Nurse-Midwife?

Ask at your midwife's office. Some offices provide classes right at their office or may refer you to a private educator or the hospital where you plan to give birth. You may also check this website for current classes around town.

What if I don't have insurance that covers pregnancy AND I don't qualify for AHCCCS?

See this website under Financial Plans and Insurance for details.
If you are paying cash:

Call around to each CNM practice and ask for their prepaid cash package and TMC for their sliding scale price for either home or hospital birth. Ask what the package includes. It may or may not include laboratory work, ultrasound, or other testing that may become necessary during the pregnancy. Also, call TMC or the Birth Center and ask for the hospital's prepaid maternity package for a vaginal delivery (a Cesarean delivery will be more) The hospital is a separate charge from the midwife's fee. In addition to the basic hospital package there will be a pediatrician fee and if you have an epidural there may be an anesthesiologist fee. Neither of these provider fees will be included in the hospital's fee or the midwife's fee.
El Rio has a sliding scale for clients who do not have insurance and they take cash pay.

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